2025 Chef Participation Information

You're invited to the most exclusive Restaurant Competition in Central PA! Central PA SuperChef brings together the top fine-dining and casual fine-dining restaurants and chefs in the region. Celebrity judges and event guests will decide the winners of this EPIC culinary battle, where Chefs compete for the title of Central PA SuperChef and are featured on billboards throughout the Capital Region.
What is required to particpate?
  • Prepare and serve 500 demi-size portions of your signature entrée.
  • Prepare and serve 500 demi-size portions of your signature dessert.
  • Supply your own serving dishes and utensils.
  • Promote the event. We will supply billfolds to your restaurant to promote your Chef and the event. Please distribute them to your clients.
  • Donate a gift certificate or gift basket for the Silent Auction.
  • Maintain valid insurance coverage.
As a token of appreciation for your participation you will recieve:
  • Biography of your Chef and Restaurant featured in the event brochure (valued at $500)
  • Option of a Quarter Page advertisement or coupon in the event brochure (valued at $150)
  • Media exposure will be provided through various print, digital, and TV outlets. We aim to generate significant coverage for chefs and restaurants leading up to the event. Selected participants may also be invited for TV/radio interviews and featured in restaurant interviews for our digital channels.
  • Complimentary tickets to Central Pennsylvania SuperChef: Four tickets for the restaurant and four for the Chef
  • Tax-deductible thank you letter for the in-kind donation reflecting the cost of food provided
  • Up to two culinary student volunteers to assist you on the day of the event
  • Opportunity to include a discount coupon/certificate in each attendee bag (500 total)
What should you expect the day of the event?
  • Restaurants can typically arrive between 12-1 pm.
  • All restaurants MUST be set up and ready by 4:45 pm.
  • Doors open for VIP guests at 5 pm, giving them the first taste of the chefs’ creations and live music. We will inform you of the number of VIP tickets sold prior to the event.
  • Doors open to the general public at 6 pm. We usually see 200-300 people at this time, with more arriving throughout the night.
  • The program begins at 6:30 pm, starting with the introduction of the judges on stage, followed by each chef being called up one by one. a. A member of our team will help you prepare for this.
  • The program is expected to conclude around 7:45pm.
  • Voting will close at 8pm.
  • The award ceremony will take place at 8:30pm.


What do I need to bring to the event?

Here’s a checklist to assist you in preparing and serving your dish. It includes everything you might need to cook, keep food cold, and serve it effectively:

  • Small plates/sample cups for food samples
  • Napkins (2,000 napkins with sponsor names will be provided and split per table)
  • Plastic utensils or disposable items for sampling
  • Serving plates/platters if necessary (please provide special presentation plates for judges if desired)
  • Cooking utensils
  • Cookware/pots/pans and any necessary items for finishing cooking at the event
  • Gloves
  • Hot boxes (if applicable)
  • Cleanup items such as towels for wiping and cleaning up your area
  • Knives
  • Cutting boards
  • Small prep tables
  • Extension cords and surge protectors (Hershey Lodge cannot provide these)
  • Chafing fuel (if bringing chafing dishes)
  • Butane (if bringing portable burners)
  • Prepped food/samples (majority should be prepared ahead of time)
  • Additional linens/decor for your table (tables are basic upon arrival; feel free to enhance your table presentation)
  • Menus and business cards
  • Clearly identify your logo/restaurant name (tablecloth, sign, etc.)
  • Containers for donating food; all remaining food will be donated to various nonprofits. Please bring containers to package any cooked or raw food for donation. Collection will occur at the end of the event. In the past, donations have gone to Bethesda Mission, New Hope Ministries, Perhaps Today Ministries, and directly to the homeless.

This checklist aims to ensure you have everything necessary for a successful participation in the event.

Who are the judges?

One of your primary requests was to be judged by fellow professionals. We have decided to replace corporate executives with Professional Chefs as judges. We are collaborating with CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and ACF (American Culinary Federation) to enhance and potentially certify this event.

How are the winners selected?

There are a total of three awards that will be presented:


a. Attendees will vote twice: once for their favorite entrée and once for their favorite dessert.

b. Votes will be electronically tallied using our online bidding system, with the highest in each category winning.

c. The winner of People’s Choice Best Entrée will share a billboard with the winner of People’s Choice Best Dessert. 



a. The winner will be determined by a 50% People’s Choice vote and 50% judges’ score, crowning the SUPERCHEF WINNER.

b. Judges will evaluate based on the following criteria:

1.) OVERALL PRESENTATION – 20 points Visual appeal, portion size relative to the sample plate, and plating technique.

2.) TECHNIQUE – 25 points Preparation method, adherence to NSF sanitation guidelines, temperature control, and skill level.

3.) TASTE – 30 points Texture, flavor profiles, balance, and seasoning.

4.) CREATIVITY – 25 points Originality or modernization of a classic dish, ingredient harmony, innovative techniques, and overall “wow” factor

Additional Information
    • FOOD SAFETY- Please adhere to food safety standards, including the use of gloves, as inspectors attend the event annually.
    • FOOD CHOICE – As a chef, you are tasked with catering to a diverse range of tastes. Please consider this when selecting your entrée or dessert. If your dish is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, or accommodates any specific dietary needs, please indicate so. While this information is optional, it helps us assist attendees who inquire about dietary options.
    • HAVE FUN- The most important aspect is to enjoy yourself at the event. We are here to support a great nonprofit cause. Engage with guests, mingle, and have meaningful conversations. If you’re not comfortable engaging, consider bringing a marketing manager or team member.
    • ASK for a vote- If someone says they love your dish. Tell them you would appreciate their vote. Some people vote by taste, others vote by feeling.
    • PROMOTE YOURSELF- Bring business cards / brochures promote your restaurant. This is a great time to be introduced to potential clients. You have a captive audience
    • Promote the event – We encourage you to invite your clientele to join the event and support your participation. Each participating restaurant will receive billfolds, and posters are available upon request. Additionally, we recommend that each restaurant shares this event through your social media and digital channels.